Day One

The store opened today. We weren't as crazy busy as I expected a grand opening to be, but hey, that's life. Apparently, the trends are for business to build substantially over the day before. Works for me.

The VP of the ocmpany came to our store to do the ribbon cutting, even though there were three others opening today. Why us? Because the thought process when they heard about the flooding on Monday was that there was no way in hell the store would be ready. The execs are really impressed by this.

Let's hope our number impress them as much as the hard work to get to today does.

As for me, I'm enjoying sitting on my butt and going to bed pretty soon. Y'all may have a three day weekend coming up. Me? I've got a long selling weekend ahead! :)


Jennifer H said…
Wow, sounds like he had good reason to be impressed. Hope you have a great sales day tomorrow and the weekend! May I ask what kind of store?

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