A Pleasant Surprise

It has been years since I've had such a rapport with the majority of my coworkers that I'd want to hang out en masse somewhere. If people from work were hanging out somewhere getting drinks, I wasn't usually part of the 'in' group or just didn't feel that having a drink and driving an hour home was a good idea.

Now, I live minutes from work. We've got tons of restaurants within a few minutes of the store (and home). As a result, I mentioned to one of my other team members (we're split into schedule teams) that maybe, just maybe, we could go hang out after work on Friday night.

If this were most of the other places I've worked, that would have been the end of it. No, instead, I had a couple of others say tonight "you're going to Outback, right?" Cool.

We ended up with a table for eight, a great server and a nice late spring breeze outside. There was a LOT of laughter as we shared stories about work and life. So much laughter that my head started to hurt when I did laugh.

As the group split up, the opinion was that we need to do this again. Next payday, guys?


Mike Golch said…
sounds like a plan to me.
Unknown said…
sweet. It's good to have hours.
ligirl said…
That sounds great! I'm so happy that you have such camaraderie there. I'm fortunate to have that with my co-workers, too. It's a really wonderful thing!
Grandy said…

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