Recalling Silliness of the Past

Wednesday, my day off, was spent in the company of another friend. Ed and I ventured over to Tampa to meet up with Richardina while she was here to see the Yankees play. (If I can convince her to guest blog, she can tell a bit about her hobby. It's cool.)

We went down to Channelside (a ghost town on weekdays), had coffee in Hyde Park, lunch in Palma Ciea and visited the Hoity Toity mall before departing. It was a lot of fun to just sit and talk. And talk. And talk some more. Of course, this means that there is a lot of laughter, too.

After lunch, she and I both needed the rest room before heading over to the hoity toity mall, so we availed ourselves of the one in the restaurant we were in. As we walked into the bathroom, I commented that the last time I was in a rest room with her, there was a strap attached to the back of her pants.

Fall, 1993. Ex and I were up on LI for one of our visits to see friends and family. The Saturday night activity was going to see Rich's favorite band at their usual venue. As was typical when ex and I were on the Island, we had most of the crowd there: Ed, Rich, ex, and a half dozen other friends. Our friend Dave had brought his
girlfriend, T, to meet the gang.

T and I went into the bathroom at the same time, a rare thing for me. I subscribe to the "I go alone" credo. Anyway, T and I ended up chatting at the sinks and STAYED in the bathroom to talk, the better to hear each other. Things got quite animated. What we talked about, God only knows, but we were having a good time in there.

After about ten minutes of this, the guys grew concerned and sent another friend, Lisa, in to get us back out with the gang. She came in and said "the guys are wondering if you fell in!". Next thing you know, T, Lisa and I are clustered next to the sinks-laughing, talking and carrying on. Who knew that the bathroom could be such fun?

Another twenty minutes pass. I don't know what the guys and Rich were thinking outside, but they resorted to drastic measures. They had one female left who could go into the bathroom to retrieve the three that had been inexplicably swallowed up by the Mulcahy's bathroom. If they sent Rich in, odds were great that she'd be swallowed up, too.

Next thing you know, Rich comes through the bathroom door, laughing hysterically. She had someone's belt looped into the back of her pants, so that they could pull her out. I think she said something like "The guys want you BACK!" It was hard to understand what she was saying through the laughing. Then, as soon as she was in the bathroom, the guys pulled on that belt and got her out of Dodge pretty darn quick!

Yes, we departed the bathroom, but I think we all needed to use it again from laughing so hard!

So, if you lose the females of your group into a bar's bathroom, you can always send the last female in. Just make sure you loop the belt into the back of her pants!


Anonymous said…
Bwahahhaa! That's a funny story. Thanks for sharing.

Joyce-Anne said…
I'm not sure if I ever knew that story. Too funny!

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