It's rare that I have the house to myself. Usually, Ed is at home. Evenings, especially, the kids are here and the usual bedtime chaos ensues.

Tonight is a little different. Tuesday involves cooking class and Boy Scouts. With gas prices as high as they are, it makes more sense to make one trip over to our old stomping grounds. So, Ed leaves with both boys before I get home from work.

Last Tuesday, I met up with a friend over at WDW. Tonight, I've sat in peace and quiet, surfing the web. Eventually, I decided to put on the iPod and do a brisk walk out to the mailbox. Partly to test the waters of doing some light exercising again, partly because the quiet was too much.

I'm back home, and the iPod is still playing. I'm just not used to quiet anymore!


Jennifer H said…
I love quiet. My favorite time of the day is after the kids go to school, and I come home with my coffee from Starbucks. The house is quiet (except for occasional ruckus from the dog). Love it.

I'm wondering, though--just how far away is your mailbox?
Suzanne said…
Jennifer, that quiet time is good-in short doses here!

We've got a large CBU (multiple home unit) mailbox at the entrance of our neighborhood and we live at the back. It was a 10 minute walk there and back, because I didn't cut through the neighbor's driveway! :)

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