It's A Small World, after all

The inlaws took us out to dinner last night over at WDW. 50's Prime Time, which is probably my SIL's favorite restaurant on Disney property.

So, we're heading over there and I pass an SUV with a pink tink decal on it and I notice the antenna topper, the Pot of gold Mickey, perfect for St. Patrick's day. I always notice the antenna toppers. I tuck this info in my head. The SUV and I leap frog for about 20-25 miles, until we hit a backup on I4 and I dive off at a road that I can use to go in 'the back way' to property.

We get to MGM with 5 minutes to spare and meet Mema and AJ. After a 10 minute wait, we're seated. Food was great, server was good and the Mowie Wowie with the blinky blinky ice cube was yummy. We get out of the restaurant five minutes before park closing, which kills my thought of doing the Narnia walk through. Oh well, we can do that next time-it's really neat. I think the kids will love it.

When we get home, I fire up the computer to see if I got an email. I'd emailed the owners of the company thanking them for interviewing. I did, but I also got an email from someone on the boards I 'live' on. Ends up she passed us on the interstate and recognized my antenna toppers! She even went so far as to make a sign with my screen name on it, but her daughter wouldn't hold it up.

Then she posted to the boards and one of my good friends replies that she wants my car so she can put the toppers in the vase. Too funny.


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