If it's Tuesday, it must be another surgery

Well, the foot is now minus a superficial vein. Today's procedure went easier than yesterday's. I have to tell you that when the same doctor is doing a repeat procedure, you get a lot more leeway. I was asked if I'd like to have it done under a local, which was my preference. That wouldn't have happened if I had been a first timer.

I was feeling well enough for us to go pop into the fence outlet the neighbor got their fencing from. We'll have measurements taken and get a quote. Based on the 70 feet I think we need and two gates, we should be around 1000 bucks. Not bad.

In the meantime, I got a good idea from one of the nurses at the hospital. When I said I'd probably be in a lounge chair in the backyard this week, she suggested a super soaker at the ready for the kids who cut across the yard. That sounded hilarious, so I have to dig in the garage for it.


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