Lesson for today is...

Don't take Cortisone on an empty stomach!

I had my echocardiogram and stress test today. No food after midnight. I needed to take the meds, so I did-on an empty stomach. Within 5 minutes, I was feeling crappy. Vomited twice on the way to taking the boys to school.

Vomited two more times on the way to the doctor. Again, several more times throughout the procedures I had, although they were very helpful and I was able to get through.

Somehow, I got my sorry ass back home and into bed. Took some Tylenol, which did squat. Finally called back the pharmacy and found out that I could use the Imitrex, so I did. It's taken the edge off.

It's now 6:30 and I'm hungry, but afraid to eat. Ed was a doll. I called him in my misery and he went and got the boys and stopped at WalMart and picked up Goblet of Fire. They're still holed up in the bedroom watching it...house is quiet.

So, trust me, even if the package says you can take the cortisone on an empty stomach-DON'T.


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