Lucky day

From the crappy to the incredible...

Today's interview was brought about because I sent an unsolicited email and attached my resume. It's for a start up company (2 years young) that provides a product/service. I'd heard of this enterprise elsewhere in the country and lamented that we didn't have them here...well, we do. The owners are opening a second location nearby.

It wasn't so much an interview as a conversation/brainstorming session. They get many offers to franchise, and don't want to. They DO want to grow and I gave a few locations I'd consider. While they're not going to franchise, they like the managing partner model used by several companies. So, eventually, a financial stake would be made. Sounds reasonable to me.

It was amazing in that I spent three hours talking to the owners and it didn't feel like I'd been there that long. A very good sign, in my opinion.

Yes, I'll still look for something else, but this combines a passion with the management and a healthy dose of creativity. What's not to like about that?


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