The foot looks like normal today. Well, if having yellow crap on it is normal, then it is. The swelling has gone way down, but I suspect that once I am back to standing on my feet all day, it'll look like an elephant leg again. Pain isn't too bad, tolerable. I've been following doctors orders and basically living on the couch. (I am so glad we got these couches. They are very comfortable.)

The lady came to do the fence quote today. Simple math...11 panels at 47.50 each is 522.50. Two gates should be about 200 each. The quote is for $1900.00. I think we'll go back to plan A. That plan is that we buy our own fencing materials and we call the guy who's number we got at the home show. He'll charge 4o0 or 500 bucks and we'll still come out ahead. I suppose I'll get three or four more quotes.


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