Dealership stupidity...

I will recap in list form, because it is laughable how stupid they must think I am...

*Show up 10 minutes early, but wait until 20 minutes past the designated time
*Interviewer (Manager A)acts as if he has no clue I was scheduled for interview and spends first ten minutes acting as if I'm interrupting his busy day and he doesn't want to be there
*Ask the right questions and by the end, "A" is lamenting that the other two managers aren't there to meet with me
*Offer to come back Friday to meet with them and score massive points

*Called a day early to reschedule due to conflict, and "A" and I agree on Tuesday at 1pm
*Arrive 15 minutes early and sit around until 1:20
*"A" then comes over to tell me he hadn't looked at the schedule and the other two managers are off today
*"A" and I agree to Thursday at 1pm

*Call the dealership and ask to speak to "A". Get disconnected.
*Call back the dealership and speak to "A" to make sure today is a good day, as I don't want to dress up for a wasted trip (not that I said that part)
*Arrive on time, wait 25 minutes
*"Manager C" then introduces himself and brings me into his office. Realize later that "C" was there Tuesday when I was the other two managers were "off". Hard to miss his distinctive accent.
*The first thing "C" says is "Selling Cars is HARD WORK". My response was something like "and your point is...", but far more tactful
*"C" then proceeds to throw out all sorts of confrontational statements...
"It's not as cushy as where you are now" (well, Duh)
"You can't go pick your kids up from school or go to their little league games" (not a surprise, Ed's figuring on part time, anyway)
"It's an 80 hour week" (knew the hours were long, recruiter says 50-60)
"It's not air conditioned" (to sell the product, you have to be NEAR the outside. no brainer)
"It's not easy" (hello, if it was EVERYONE would sell cars)
"You can't go home when your kids are sick" (why does this guy keep bringing up the kids that I HAVEN'T mentioned? For all he knows, I've got three cats)
"It's hard work" (did I not make myself clear when I said I am NOT afraid of hard work)
Asks how much I'd like to make, not realizing that the recruiter and I had discussed realistic expectations, then tells me he's got guys who make 200k a year (no F'ing way he does)
Goes on a tangent and asks me about MY employees. ( kinda confusing, do you want to hire them, too? Package deal, since you're down five salespeople?)
Then tells me I could move up into management really quick, because they need good managers (Why am I not surprised at this statement?"
*Asks when I can start, and gets pissy when I say I need to give two weeks notice

yeah, the recruiter complained that they haven't got any women at this I know why. The shame of it is that the recruiter is really good, got me around from pursuing service department to sales. The recruiter will probably ask me to go to the OTHER location they have in my area, but I hate the three makes that they sell-every time I've been in any of them, the ride was horrible. Shimmy (in a brand new car), loud and cheaply made. I cannot in good concience sell a product I myself would not own.

Everyone else has told me that they'd have bailed after interview two...part deux would not have happened. So, tell me, would YOU take a job at this three ring circus? Part of me wants to do it so I can show the guy what a REAL salesperson can do and show him up. That's the GIRL in me, bucko!
Back to the drawing board

observation, sort of a personal mantra now "if you've got to lie to do your job, then you suck at it"-fits "A" to the T. Damn it, tell me the other manager is not able to meet with me, man, don't lie that it's his day off when I saw him conducting business.

if you're in a position of hiring people, keep your personal stereotypes to yourself and your eyes off the chest!


SomeRandomGirlFromMaryland said…
Probably doesn't matter much now, but I'm pretty sure that legally they aren't allowed to ask about/bring up the family stuff, kids stuff. You know my insane on call schedule? (24/7 once every 4 weeks, can't even go to the grocery store!) It's hard enough finding someone technical enough for the job, but then to try and find someone who is willing to do extremely restrictive on call without asking them directly about their family life.. I think even the comment "It's hard work.." might be overstepping, because it is implying the idea that for some un stated, probably stereotyped/biased reason they think you might not be fit for 'hard work'.. We get guidelines from HR about implying and asking, what you can and can't say. Overall sounds like the guy is a jerk. You have to decide for yourself if you can work in that environment, and whether or not you think it will change once they get to know you.. I think that *you* probably could handle it.. especially if you think they would get over themselves. That's more speaking to your personality though :)

I always forget that I am a girl in a guys world, till some guy mistakes me for a secretary and insists on speaking to one of my junior teammates because *he* helped him last time.. or I am at a table full of my all guy coworkers at lunch and see and feel that everyone is being guarded- no foul language, stopping themselves from telling dirty jokes.. or when I meet a colleague at a conference and he just can't help himself to check me out and talk to my breasts... and then it's like 'oh yeah, I'm a girl and your an ass!' :)

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