Things said to me today at work...

"Don't worry, my kids are well behaved. I beat them if they don't" This was said with a completely straight face. Hoookayyyyy.

"You can come visit my house in Dothan, Alabama" by a 5 year old girl. She then describes her house as white with a green roof and a big red car in the driveway. She made me promise I'd come look for her! (awwwww)

The 'perfect person' (a/k/a down syndrome) who bought a CD and in conversing about it, told her mom she likes me a lot. Her smile could cheer up anyone.

These exchanges sure made up for the people who cussed or chewed me out for system difficulties beyond my control. So sorry that the three minute credit card authorization time has screwed up your day-multiply it by the 50 other people that I had to call for authorizations and you get the idea that the day wasn't fun. Those young ladies sure felt like angels sent to make it better.

Oh, and the interview I was supposed to have today didn't happen. Seems the other managers had today off! Back to them on Thursday...


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