Monday morning

I head back to the podiatrist in an hour. Let's see what he thinks of my adventures with cortisone. Stomach still feels like someone's punching it. Headache is completely gone, thank God.

We went to the Florida Home Show yesterday. It was good to get out. Noticed that many of the exhibitors from last year were missing, but PRP was in attendance. Woohoo, more wine. Actually, the wine samplings helped minimize the tummy troubles. The plan was to look for fence places, but there were only two companies there, one that only does vinyl. Unfortunately, we don't have enough in the budget for a vinyl fence right now.

Yoohoo, Ed McMahon, can you and the prize patrol come bring me some money? I don't want a lot, just enough to put in a fence, pool, pirate ship play apparatus and spa and get Ed his turn with a new car! ;) 100K should be sufficient, lol! Yeah, after a home show I'm always looking for the prize patrol-I think they missed the forward notice!


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