time to catch up!

Well, once again, things have been busy here.

Thursday morning involved a visit to the car dealership's HR office. That went well, they want me for two brands I would want to sell. Monday afternoon, I meet with the GM of the dealership. Still on the fence whether I want to sell cars. General concensus is that I'd do well. Commission still scares me.

Saturday, went to work and then off to a coworker's wedding. I'd been told weddings are different down south, and just got first hand experience. We had a good time, though. Table full of my fun coworkers will do that! Ed found great amusement with the dj's and their sad attempts to put up the lighting display. Hearing the music made me think I could do a MUCH better job. If I went back to being a disc jockey, I could probably make a killing in these parts

Today was a shortened day of work, and then we headed over to the Florida Strawberry Festival. We didn't consume one single strawberry, but that's because the fair food was so good. We didn't know that the admission also included seats for the concert, but we took a pass on Larry Gatlin. Friday night is Jo Dee Messina, and that's a show we'd sit in the bleachers and enjoy.


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