Mmmmm, strawberry shortcake

We went to the strawberry festival and had not one single strawberry. As a result, it was in my head that I absolutely HAD to have strawberries. After all, it is the peak of growing season in these parts, and if you drive 5 minutes from the house, you see all the workers in the fields picking the good stuff.

So, strawberries were mascerated, cream was whipped and shells were bought. (Still need a good shortcake recipe). It's been nice going and getting this treat elsewhere, but if you've got ripe strawberries, they deserve fresh, homemade whipped cream. So tonight was shortcake night. All while watching Cosmos. Yeah, in June, those of you in MD/VA can gloat all you want- there won't be a strawberry to be had down here for under 5 bucks a quart. Then again, flats are about 7.50 right now, I'm thinking the foodsaver will be busy soon, and the freezer full of my favorite fruit.

In other news, podiatrist has confirmed plantar fasciitis. In addition, I apparently have an inward rolling foot, so my feet were molded for custom orthotics. I'm on cortisone pills as a stop gap while waiting for the orthotics. Doctor cannot do injections due to the vascular issues in that leg. I can tell you I was quite pleased-cortisone shots are probably the most painful thing I've ever had to endure. The doctor also thinks that I have too many unusual things wrong with me. Okay, so where do I find the doctor that can piece all this stuff together?

I met with one of the sales managers at the dealership yesterday. Which is to say, I interrupted his day. He didn't know I was coming, the GM that I was supposed to meet is out sick. So the first ten minutes was spent being interviewed by a guy who didn't really seem to want to be there and gave off the vibe that I was wasting his time. Until we got into the nuts and bolts of things. He liked my questions and my answers to the stuff he threw out at me. We ended with him lamenting that the other two managers weren't there to meet with me.

Today, the recruiter called me back...they really want me to meet the other two managers. Also, one of the companies from the job fair left me a voice mail. Expect those reference check calls, everyone! :)


SomeRandomGirlFromMaryland said…
"Okay, so where do I find the doctor that can piece all this stuff together?" -- Aside from the internet at your very fingers? Have you seen 'House' on TV? Differential Diagnosis! :)

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