Preparing for an Invasion

Or at least, that's what it seems like.

I am shooting video on location for my final assignment in my Digital Video class.   The lights are in a kit, I got a 25' extension cord for them (that has more than 3 plugs), I have a tripod and a gorilla pod for both cameras. 

I got new SD cards, so I don't get that dreaded 'out of memory' while in the midst of shooting. 

I'm about to charge one camera, and I need to charge the backup battery for the other.  The lavaliere mike is in transit, but I cannot find the Digital Voice Recorder.  It's been MIA since I spilled friendship bread starter on it right before vacation, all because I wanted it to dry out instead of keeping it with me.

It seems like so much for what will end up being a ten minute video!


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