There Really IS an App for That!

When I started Spanish and had that Stats class I was sure I'd bomb (and I ended up with A's in both), I bought a Digital Voice Recorder.  I loved that thing, because I'd plug it into the iPod jack in my car and listen to Spanish class on my way back and forth to Tampa twice a week.  If I had questions about Stats when I was doing homework (or having one of my many study sessions with my friend, Jenn), I could refer back to the lecture and would be good to go.

Alas, it was incompatible with my Mac, so I got the next model up (the Sony ICD dx412), which works with Macs.  It also go a lot of use, but especially this semester with recording audio for my Digital Video class.  As was typical, it travels everywhere with me, which is why it was in my bag the night I had a container of Friendship bread starter open up and pour on everything in there. 

It got gunked up but good.  And it isn't working right.

Alas, I can't find the older recorder-and I needed to use it for the project I mentioned yesterday.  I wasn't about to buy a third one, so I did what any person with an iDevice would do:

I searched for an app in iTunes.

Sure enough, for .99 cents, I got a basic sound recording program that meets my needs just fine.  Sometimes you don't need to go to great expense to find something that works.  The bonus is that it did a fantastic job with the lavaliere mike that is needed because I have a crappy in camera mike. 

(P.S.  I absolutely love the PDF Editor, app, too.)


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