Fresh Produce Clothing

If you're like me, when you think 'fresh produce', you probably think of tomatoes, melons, strawberries and other goodies from the farm stands or maybe your supermarket, right? Well, recently, I was turned on to Fresh Produce, the clothing company.

They contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in checking out their clothing and writing about my experience. (and I wrote something two weeks ago, but this new Blogger layout ate my post, grrrrrrr, so I'm back to it.) When I went to their website, it was hard to choose one thing to wear, I wanted at least twenty different things. (**Give me time and a regular paycheck, and I think several more things will find their way to me really soon, too.)

Fresh Produce is all about comfort, but that doesn't mean you have to give up style. Anyway, I noticed the Dreamy Wandering Tunic and it looked right up my alley. Here in Florida, you quickly learn some rules to dressing for the heat: cotton, loose fitting and comfort. The last thing you want is a shirt that sticks to you, because it will trap all that heat against your skin. At least it feels that way. So, I picked one of these in a pretty teal (that unfortunately, is sold out).

Once I made my selection, I spent the next week looking for a tank top to wear underneath it, because poet shirts like this tend to be thin, gauzy, cotton. It's great for keeping a person cool, not so great for hiding the undergarments. However, I needn't have worried, because this is a lightweight, but more densely woven shirt. It is not as thin as onion skin, which means I can skip the tank top (yay) in the summertime.

Part of the reason why I went with the tunic is that it looked like it would do double duty. Belted with a nice pair of dress slacks for work or loose with a pair of jeans or capris for a more casual look. I wore it to work twice and got compliments for the color and I've worn it with jeans, too. What I've found is that it looks better on me if it's belted, but that can just be me and my tastes. While the focus is on comfort and casual in the Fresh Produce line, this tunic definitely is wear to work worthy with dress pants. In fact, as I head into a job this fall, I think I am going to follow the rule I have had for years and buy a few more in different colors. Wouldn't you?

The best thing about cotton is that it is machine washable. However, remember that gauzy cottons are delicate, even ones like these and be sure to give it a little TLC when washing. I washed mine in cold, but tumble dried on medium heat and it has been fine.

(I will model my new favorite shirt as soon as I can get one of the men in this house to take a picture of it.)

Meanwhile, I just want to get more of the cute and comfy clothes I see on their website, like the Effortless 3/4 sleeve dress

The Swing Capri

and the Mandarin Collar Tunic

Thank you, Fresh Produce, for inviting me to try out one of your products, because I'm hooked! This is just the first of (hopefully) many comfortable, but classic clothing items that will find their way into my wardrobe.


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