Ms. Incompatible

Many years ago, long before I began dating my husband, I dubbed him "Mr. Incompatible". The reason? While all of our friends were buying PCs, he bought a Mac LC ii. When most of our friends bought VHS camcorders, he went with an 8mm. You know, his stuff didn't work with anyone else's.

Well, since I've upgraded to an iMac, I am now Ms. Incompatible. Let me share the issues:

1. Lion does not recognize my serial number for my copy of Final Cut Express. For a few weeks, I was wondering if I was typing the number wrong, only to find a little blurb in C Net that says "Noooo, there's a glitch in Lion that does not recognize Version 4.0 serial numbers.

Of course, the product is no longer supported, so I can't upgrade and fix the issue. Thankfully, I was able to jump to Ed's MBP to create that video for class.

2. Lion's version of Adobe Acrobat (or Flash, not sure which is conflicting) is NEWER than the version in my brand spanking new, bought it during a President's day deal on Amazon, copy of Adobe Premiere Elements. I spent two weeks trying to figure that one out, only to find that it's not me, it's Lion. I'm not installing that one on Ed's MBP, because it's new to me software that I had never used before. I'll wait until they fix the bug. and this week, I found issue number 3

3.  Nikon's software that comes packaged with all the D-SLRs does not work with Lion.  When you go to their website, you find a little press release that says they know about the issue, and then it provides a hyperlink that DOES NOT WORK, that supposedly will bring you to a fix.

Lion has been out for 10 months-where is the fix, Nikon.  I can understand a problem with #1, because the product is no longer supported.  In the case of #2, they're saying that Mountain Lion, the next OS release, is supposed to fix it.

But Nikon, help a girl out here.  Not everyone has the luxury of using a non-Lion Mac, and I hate borrowing my husband's all the time to do my work (and clog up his hard drive, too).

What's the deal?  Will I remain Ms. Incompatible?  


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