Ice Cream For Dinner

We don't get many Saturdays where Ed is off from work, so the fact that he had one today meant we wanted to do something. Originally, I thought we'd head over to Disney, but he wasn't feeling it. Instead, we talked of getting a nice lunch and some retail therapy.

I have a list of things that need to get purchased and at the top were some lamps for our bedroom. I'm actually using my desk in here, now that I've got the iMac, and I'm finding the lamps underwhelming. Besides, in the past six months, the 'temporary' lamps we bought before GameTeen was born both broke in some way. I'd say $40 bucks for 2 lamps to last over 17 years is not that bad. So, in searching for places to buy appropriate, quality lamps, I found a place in Orlando. So, off we went.

We hit pay dirt at the store I wanted to visit, I have a nice desk lamp now, and we'll be getting two nightstand lamps next week, all Dale Tiffany inspired. We'd discussed going to the Ghirardelli shop in Downtown Disney-which is why we wound up having sundaes for dinner.

They were goooood. I mean, really good. What could be bad about having a sundae for dinner? Mine even had three kinds of fruit in it! ;)

Later, Ed and I had salads, so we just reversed the order of our meals. Besides, as a favorite sign displayed at a restaurant once displayed "Life is Uncertain: Eat dessert FIRST!"


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