Half of Six is Five

So, this semester, I only needed one class to graduate.  An elective.  Since I only needed one class, that's all I registered for.

In the past, all the paperwork I'd reviewed stated that for summer sessions, six credits is considered full time.  As a result, I assumed that if six is full time, then three would be half time-and I'd be eligible for my student loans.


Five credits is what I need for summer, and I somehow did not get the email last Wednesday that informed me I'd be dropped from my class if I didn't pony up the $1600 by Friday OR register for another two credits.    Dropped is really a misnomer, because I'm still IN the class, I just won't be able to get the grade until I pay.

And I can't pay or add the class to get a loan disbursement until I pay $1600.  That I don't have. 

And to graduate in the fall, I have to be enrolled in at least one class-but I need to take two to get financial aid.



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