The Last Graduating Class

July 1st, The University of South Florida Polytechnic ceases to exist.  The current students will finish out on the campus in a 'teach out plan', but they will be USF graduates.

Tonight, the last class to be designated Polytechnic graduates walked across the stage of the Lakeland Center.  It was bittersweet, but the speakers gave the students credit for overcoming the stressors of the past year to finally graduate.

One of the state senators that knows what integrity is was the featured speaker, and she gave tips for going out into the work force, as well as recounting the experiences of the past year.  She recounted her favorite quote "All that is essential for the triumph of evil us for good men to do nothing." (Edwin Byrne)  She apologized that for the students, who fought valiantly to just be heard, this was not true-but assured them that it is a sign of good character and has not gone unnoticed by others.

To me, watching friends walk across that stage was very happy, and to see that the final one was Damon, student government president, who probably had many sleepless nights in the past nine months, in doing battle against evil, just made my heart happy.

It is sad, it is bittersweet, but still the same, it was inspiring.

Congratulations, Poly class of 2012.


JW said…
Seeing a USF Polytechnic diploma it will become a relic now. 5 years down the road what will a resume reader think about seeing Poly on there? Will the USF name carry it over or will Poly be looked up as an Everest type?

Suzanne said…
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Suzanne said…
USF will always factor into the job seeking process, the Polytechnic part, outside the local area really doesn't matter for most jobs. However, the USF brand is respected for quality education, rather than being a diploma mill. (Like Keiser, Everest or Phoenix are)

Academia, though, is really impressed with a graduate from a Poly. I found that out in seeking doctoral programs. I got a lot of positive comments and questions about the experience.

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