Logos and Naming

Since I started the Master's program, I knew I'd have to come up with a production company name and eventually, a logo, too.

Thing is, the name I'd love to use, the one that is personally inspiring, runs headlong against a copyright issue. I can't really blame Mr. George Lucas for not wanting people to use the term 'Jedi' with anything else that's for profit. The possibility exists that my freelance work would go out under the name I choose, so JediFrog Productions is not going to happen.

My other choice is good, but it's not what I really wanted. It doesn't lend itself to a logo easily, unless I do the name in calligraphy myself and play with Photoshop a little bit. I'm hoping to find a place that has 'productions' as part of their neon sign. That's a pie in the sky, though.

The funny part is that you don't really think about all of this stuff when you're working through the program, but it does need to be done. I know it's not required for the class, but the work that's submitted in this fashion just tends to stand out a lot more.

And I'm all about going the extra mile for these things...


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