When You're Not Looking

...you will find.

Well, I have been job seeking, but being very selective. I wanted something part time to coincide with my fall schedule as a full time doctoral student. Nothing more than 20 hours a week. I had a couple of possibilities, but both were awaiting budget approvals.

I have one of those, as a consulting gig, starting in the middle of June. It looks like it will run a few months, I'll know better in a couple of weeks-but it builds my skills and my resume in my career. This is good, it buys me some time to find a GA position on campus.

Or so I thought.

I was approached by a friend yesterday with a permanent part time job. Again, it is a position that builds my resume in my chosen career field, but it won't start until later this summer. Sooo, I happened to get two jobs because of who I know.

That's pretty cool.


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