The Balance

We're 1/3 of the way through the class I'm TAing, and right now, we're in the thick of the part that is my strength, behavioral and cognitive psychology principles. I'm digging it, because educators really need to consider what motivates people to learn, how to effectively present the material, and incorporate a variety of tools to accommodate different learning styles.

However, it's not a psychology class, it's a design class-so I have to reign myself in.

At least I got to grade one of the psychology based assignments. My thought was that it'd be easier, since I was familiar with Bloom's taxonomy before I started the graduate classes. However, I'm walking the tightrope of deciding if the student got it enough, or if they're parroting the textbook. As I explained to them in Thursday night's class, the professor took points off of mine for providing TOO much information. Hey, it was a psychology assignment in a design class, I couldn't resist!

Then in tomorrow night's class, I get to talk about cognitive psychology principles. I have a wonderful professor from my undergrad studies to thank, because the way she presented the material was novel and fun-so it stuck nicely!


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