That Nice, Easy Summer I Mentioned?

Well, it seems to have vanished into thin air!

I have the Web Page Design, Independent Study, the class I'm TAing, a Meta Analysis with a friend and future colleague, a course to build from scratch to be ready for the first day of fall classes, and studying for my comp exams that are coming up the end of June.

That said, I met with the professor and a peer for the Independent Study and we're dividing the work into two halves: the study that has been completed and needs the data analyzed and the study that is about to start and needs a lot of editing and build out. While I'd be happy with either one, I'm really happy that I'll be the one analyzing the data, creating spreadsheets and crunching numbers in SPSS. I'd rather do it over the summer and become familiar with the software before fall classes, where I'll have tests on how well I can do this work.

So much for laid back, eh?


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