Cool Tools

If you are at a loss for figuring out what colors to use when designing a website, or if you're like me and really want to play around with the palette, here are two sites to check out.

First, Color Scheme Designer lets you play around with a variety of color combinations. Here, you get the tetrad color scheme I plan to use for the web page I'm making for class

Here's the reason why I love the site-click on 'Export', choose how you'd like to use the info, and you get a 'paint chip' page, complete with hex codes for each color.
Pretty neat, huh?

Then, I mentioned this new 'toy' and a friend suggested Adobe's Kuler. Their color schemes import into any Adobe product, so when I'm playing with Dreamweaver (like now), I can just import the information-without even messing with the hex! It's pretty clear why my friend (a web pro) loves it-what a huge time saver!

As much as I like my friend Sara's handiwork on the blog here, it will soon get a refresh, as I learn more about page design. Besides, those pictures at the top are all four (plus!) years old. At least it's easier than painting the whole house!


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