Lakeland Flying Tigers

Ever have those weeks where you say to yourself "I know I have something to do Wednesday, but I have no idea what that is" ? Yeah, me too-which is why I didn't realize until yesterday afternoon that it was chaperoning GameTeen's school trip to the local baseball team's home game.

Chef wanted to go, too, and I was suckered into letting him join us. (Ed told me he would have caved sooner than getting the kids in the car to drive to their respective schools, but hey, I try to be a good influence!)

I remembered the sunscreen, forgot the hats, and it was really hot-with seats facing the east without any shade! See?

Success is when only one student pukes from the 90+ temperatures and all three of us spend three hours in the sun without getting burned!
I told Chef the next time we visit the ballpark, the game will be a 6:30 start-no more 10:30 games in Florida for us.


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