Rites of Passage

We don't think much about all the things that indicate milestones in our lives, but today, I got to witness two of them.
First up, a friend asked me to help her brainstorm ideas for a presentation she has to do for a prospective employer (faculty role), so I went over to her house this afternoon. Her son had thrown up the night before, but she wasn't sure if that was from the excitement he displayed while bathing last night or if he really had some virus.
>br/> It was the latter. The way we realized it is the way he just spewed forth on my arm when I was holding the little cutie. She, of course was mortified, but I've been puked on before by kids, it really is no big deal. I'm sure it'll happen a time or twenty before I'm done walking the earth.

What was cool to watch was how she quickly handled him, I handled the mess on the floor (she recently had back surgery, part of the reason I was there was to help), and with the realization that yep, he's a possible gusher, any sign of impending doom resulted in a slight 10 degree move to face the floor for little A. It's kind of cool to see a friend who is a new mom pick up on those things that save your laundry work, all the while treating her son like everything is normal and as a result, he stayed pretty calm. The look he gave me when he 'baptized' me was 'what the heck just happened?'.

It really is a testament to her (and her husband's) parenting style that baby wasn't stressed out in being sick, because mom and dad were just rolling with the punches.

Then the other rite of passage-The Prom.

GameTeen's school held their prom tonight. He wasn't interested in going, but I offered to take pictures. I've got some decent gear and a good camera, why not help out where I can?

It was also cool to see these kids all dressed up, and the staff also dressed in finery (one teacher even wore a tux for the occasion), and just see how much they're growing up. Part of the reason for offering to do them is because I know a photographer is an expense they really can't swing as a small school, but part of it is to get to sneak a peek at how pretty and handsome they all look!

There will be plenty of time to witness other passages, but today, I kind of enjoyed the fact that I got to share in two.


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