Rack em and stack em*

(*term used by many busy airports when they can't allow all the planes to land as they arrive in their airspace)

The doctor's appointments, that is! Wednesday, I saw the neurologist. Thursday found Gameboy meeting his new psychiatrist and today, it was my turn (again) with vascular.

The upshot of things is that I will be taking short term disability from work, probably four to six weeks. I'm being nice-I'll wait until the assistant manager returns from his vacation. It is a relief, since the past few months, when I'm scheduled more than three days in a row, I'm dragging myself into the store. I enjoy what I do, but the pain makes it less than fun. Today is day number four and I'm grateful for a three day weekend to rest this leg up.

The neuro wants me to find physical therapy with a pool and wrote a script for three times a week. Last night, I did some PT work on my own and it is abundantly clear how tight and tense the left ankle is. Baby steps-at least I'm not hurting from that today. I am sporting a new ace wrap and it's rubbing. Lovely.

Gameboy is also in a holding pattern. His new psychiatrist wants to see how much of his current behavioral issues at school are due to him testing the boundaries of the teachers and how much is from his doses/medications needing to be changed around. We'll head back in about five weeks. She's good, looking at the whole picture. We told her how much weight he's gained in one year, she commented that one of his meds can be the cause, but asked about his eating habits.

We told her of the recent (past six months) development where he hides under his bed with food and gameboy. We will find empty boxes of cereal or hot dog bun wrappers that had been purchased the day before. He truly gravitates towards carbs, and eats like an animal who is afraid that his meal is going to be taken from him.

The doctor suggested removing the offending foods from the pantry, which I am all for. She felt that the whole family could benefit from this change-she's right. Chef Jr. does like his junk food, but he'll be equally likely to request fruit or cookies. Gameboy will go for the cookies every time.

We're all in holding patterns on different fronts. Ed's playing the waiting game on a couple of job prospects-hopefully, he lands one soon.


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