10 years

Yesterday marked 10 years that Ed and I have been married. We marked the occasion by treating it like any other day.

The week was filled with the usual crap:

1. Dealing with yet another RSD flare. Of course, after the last incident of running out of meds, I was proactive in calling Nurse M. When she and I spoke last, she had said she'd call in a prescription to the pharmacy for me. Alas, two days before I was to run out, we went to Target. No prescription. I left a voice mail for her.

She later left me a voice mail that I should be running out that day (Thursday). This was true, I had two pills left. However, we were heading into a long weekend and I did not want a repeat of the last occasion of not having any meds-especially with the flare this week. Lots more stabbing and stinging. I see the neurologist on Thursday.

2. Gameboy is having a rough adjustment to middle school, and on Thursday, the teacher withheld a device he uses to complete writing assignments. Things progressed from that and he received In School Suspension for Friday. What's worse is that he was not released to his bus. Thank God for his bus driver. She refused to leave the school premises without him, since she knew she'd dropped him off in the morning. (She's a tough cookie from up north!)

3. Chef Jr. is definitely showing the ADHD signs. I tried to get him an appointment with Gameboy's new psychiatrist, but the practice recommended the ADHD specialist. He'll get the full gamut of testing. I think this year, he is learning he can't get by on personality alone-and his behavior is taking a nosedive. The appointment can not come soon enough!

Same old, same old on other fronts.


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