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I've been a member of Imagestation for a few years now. It's been a good site, I use them to host pictures that I occasionally post on message boards, as well as allow friends far and wide to view. Another person hosts about a thousand pictures of mine on her site as well, but I feel like that is rude-since we aren't in contact anymore. (It's a good thing she had them, I lost a lot of pictures in the hard drive crash)

Imagestation announced that they will be shutting down. They suggest that users port everything over to Shutterfly, but I'm not thrilled with their site. This leads me to find a different site to host my pictures. But which one?

The front runner is Flikr. I notice a lot of the bloggers I read use them and it seems so easy to use. However, no one I know IRL seems to have it. Shutterfly has not impressed. I noticed Da Mooch has Fotki, which I'd never heard of prior to him linking me pictures of the new house he and da wife are building. If this blog keeps spiking more readers, eventually I may switch to typepad, and they host pictures as well.

What about you guys? Who's hosting your pictures? What do you like or dislike about your hosting service. Why should I choose to use what you've got?


Bob said…
I use yahoo. It's easy and seems secure enough, and Firefox has no problem with it. Oh I love the Veruca Salt analogy (last posting). Know exactly what you mean. Not bad parenting.
Good luck with the forms and such.


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