OK, now I'm REALLY mad...

to borrow a line from "Animal House".

I have had my Netscape email account since 1998. Yep, almost TEN years. In that time, I've been able to accrue a vast many email addresses. I've saved tons of emails in it. Hundreds, perhaps thousands (because I am a packrat that way). The email address has hung on through four moves and two presidents. It is not exactly accurate, because after six years of working for the mouse, I am sick of the character contained in the address. However, it's what everyone is used to-so I've kept it. It should be noted that I didn't create folders for one or two emails from someone, so there were things contained in that inbox since 1998. Really.

Alas, with the stupid upgrades they've done to the stupid fargin Netscape, if I did not save an email into a folder, it was deleted. Yep, anything over 60 days gets dumped. Unless you don't bother reading it-then it stays with you forever, like luggage.

Why am I ticked? I found an old friend on myspace. Yes, I have a myspace account-shoot me. Anyway, his account is set up that you need to know his last name OR email address. Duh, his last name is part of his screen name. Nope, doesn't work. Okay, email addy. I remember that it's his favorite amp, but @mac.com? @msn.com? Dunno. Hmmm, should check his web page and see if I can email him through that. (Update: I did contact him through his webpage, but the story is still a good message)

Let this be a cautionary tale to you-DON'T leave your emails unsorted into folders if you use Netscape's web mail. It is yet another reason to use my Gmail account. Besides, I lurve the character I used for that one. She's way underexposed by Disney standards, anyway! :)

Netscape, why boast that people can store soooo much email if you'll arbitrarily delete it from the inbox after 60 days?


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