A big sigh of relief

Yesterday, I visited the neurologist. I've had some new symptoms crop up that I wasn't sure were due to the RSD or inidicative of something more. Thankfully, he ruled out other issues, since they are only occurring in my left leg. Phew.

For now, I suck it up and deal with the pain as best I can. I don't want to shell out the 500 bucks for the deductible now, only to have to do it again in January. The plan is to limp along (ha ha) until then. He strongly urged trying physical therapy in a pool, or at the very least, get myself into a warm body of water at least three times a week.

Basically, if I don't improve with a few months of PT, the nerve blocks are to identify which nerve is causing me all this fun. If they work, after a few of those, then the nerve will get cut-no more pesky pain impulses. Sounds good to me, especially since the leg has been quite insistent that it is HERE and it HURTS. Oy.

I mentioned Nurse M and Dr J's opinion of going out on disability. His thought was perhaps I can work part time, like 4 hours a day to reduce the stress from this darn thing. I doubt that my employer would be amenable to it, but I'll ask. RSD causes a vicious cycle. Stress makes it worse, and the work problem (not liking my shoes) stress me out. The money situation stresses me out. Life just stresses me out. This is normal for anyone, but when you combine it with RSD, comes to visit you. :)

We've got answers, to a degree. Now I find PT that has a pool or bug the in laws until their pool is not warm enough to swim in. After many rounds of PT for the wrist, I know the drill. Pronate, supinate. Yay.


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