Coping 101

I have a day off. Lately, that means I've taken ill in some fashion. That probably would explain the aura I've got right now. Damn, it's almost 6pm, and I thought I'd escaped it this time! It's making typing interesting for sure.

Disability begins next week. My boss contacted HR today and they are FedEx ing the forms. The call went out to Nurse M. Apparently, the practice charges 25 dollars for these forms to be filled out. Instead, she gave me her fax number to complete them and return to my employer. An indication of how much she likes me: she told me to do it this way so I don't have to pay the 25 bucks! Hmm, I think I need to bring a batch of brownies or cookies to my next appointment.
As far as work goes, I feel bad. I've been hoarding my vacation time to use in the first 8 days of my time off. The company counts sick days in the payroll budget for the store, but not vacation pay. This sucks-not only does someone have to come in to cover for the sick person, the sick person's hours are included in the day's tally. I suppose it is to discourage us from using the sick time. In any event, I've got six days of sick time that will be counted against the store's payroll for the first week I'm out.

Today, Gameboy is really pushing my buttons, acting rather like Veruca Salt. He denies this, of course, but he sounds a lot like "but Mommy, I want it NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW", whiny inflection and all. Today, though, I've got the best coping strategy.

I was 'talking' in an online discussion group about under rated Bands and pulled out to listen to the ones I contributed. I'm listening to the tunes and the child whines away. I don't hear it and he gets it out of his system. Horrible parenting or sanity saver? I think it's the later. Listening to October Project sure helps calm the savage beast that I can be. (Next up, more under rated bands: Marillion, Rush, and Echolyn)


Anonymous said…
Here's some to add to your list:

Honeymoon Suite

Kaoscapt said…
Triumph - doubtful
Saga - the kings of Canadian happy prog - again doubtful
Honeymoon Suite - uh... no.
GTR - not likely - too poppy
Survivor - you've got to be kidding!

knowing her...
Squeeze, XTC and Basia.

her chubby hubby.
Suzanne said…
Ed's pegged me properly (what a surprise, right?)

Never could get into Triumph and HATED GTR. Survivor turned me off forever with that "Eye of the Tiger" dreck.

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