Kenny Everett - DIY Bee Gees Kit

From the annals of great late night TV, we bring you Kenny Everett.

A little backstory:
Back in the late 70's and early 80's, Saturday Night Life was the best thing going on TV. The original cast was the original NBC "must see TV". As a young teen, too young to be going out on a Saturday night (not that I had anywhere to go, anyway), I of course had to watch.

Being the night owl that I was (and still am), I'd invariably watch Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. After that show was over, NBC had this wonderful nugget from across the pond. The Thames production "Kenny Everett Video Show".

It was another wonderful import. We had Benny Hill and Monty Python. This was more topical humor. It was a rare week that I wasn't there laughing for the entire program. While I can tell you some of the ideas of the sketches he presented, this one stood out in vivid memory for 27 or so years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did as a teen.


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