Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

This week, the topic is Mondegreens. What are those? Songs where you hear something other than the lyrics spoken. This was inspired by hearing "Circle of Life" while borrowing Jane's van (and thus, her CD changer).

First up, the song that made me think of it, Circle of Life from the Lion King. Thanks to one of my CM's at the Disney Store, I cannot hear that song without thinking they're singing "Pink Pajamas, Penguins on the bottom" underneath the main melody. Next time you listen, you tell me you DON'T hear that!

Secret Agent Man. Currently, Chase is using the song in their Fraud Protection ads, but when I was a kid, I thought it was "Secret Asian Man". Still sounds that way. Obviously, this singer (in this case, Johnny Rivers) did not have a voice teacher that was a stickler for diction like Mr. Thayer. Back then, I wondered why anyone would have to keep being Asian a secret.

Blinded By the Light, Manfred Mann's Earth Band. (this song has inspired a future SSS, in which I discuss covers that are better than the originals). Part of the confusion here is that the lyrics aren't the most coherent even in the best of hands. I thought the line was "Wrecked up like a dude another runner in the night" What the heck does "wrecked up like a deuce" mean, anyway?

Sometimes, I will hear songs the wrong way and only uncover the real words when I've got a pair of iPod ear buds on and can hear the songs without distraction. Admit it, the same has happened to you, right?

It's always amusing when one is discovered. Why did I think the lyric was the incorrect word? Did it fit in the context of the lyric? Is it because the lyrics make absolutely no sense already? (A la Paul McCartney or Bob Dylan?) Or is it as simple as the first example, someone sang the wrong lyrics and it got permanently imbedded in my brain.

What about you? Care to share any misheard lyrics?


Kaoscapt said…
Actually, I though the line in 'Blinded By The Light' was...

"Wrapped up like a douche another roller in the night"
Ryan The Intern said…
A few years ago, these kids in my building kept saying "Oh my God, there's penguins in Nevada." Never heard the song the same way again.

And as far as I'm concerned, Manfred Mann absolutely says "Wrapped up like a douche." Someone was just talking about that Saturday night.
Jennifer H said…
When I was a kid, I thought the words to "Rhinestone Cowboy" were "Gettin' cards and lettuce from people I don't even know."

I think cards and letters does make more sense. :-)

Also, that song "Lucille" by Kenny Rogers, I think (there was a lot of country music, apparently)? I thought the words were "You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille, with four hundred children and a crop in the field."

Glad to know it was only four HUNGRY children.
Suzanne said…
Ed, I've heard some of your interpretations-that one's tame!

Ryan, now I'm going to hear your version the next time I hear the song!

Jennifer, 400 children? No wonder why that song sounds so sad! I need to catch up on your blog-I've been remiss lately...

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