Fresh Starts

Today, I start training. Woohoo. Two weeks of classroom time. Did I ever tell you that I love training? Wait, maybe you have a clue, because that's what I want to do for this company.

I'm impressed. Training was originally scheduled to take place in Orlando. Instead, the location was moved, so that we didn't burn up so much gas each day. When I got that information, I also was told "come hungry, we'll have breakfast every morning." Never had that before! Sweet.

The only thing it changes is my plans for visiting a friend. Originally, WDW would have been on my way home from class. Now, I'll head east after I'm done training one night. This means I don't have to deal with the rush hour traffic, too. Cool.


Jennifer H said…
I can get on board with any activity involving food and no traffic. :-)

Good luck with the training!
Mike Golch said…
training and no travel,and eats to boot.Yea for you.
Grandy said…
Sounds like a positive start already!!

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