Not looking a gift horse in the mouth

Once again, payroll is being cut at work. This week's schedule had me with 38 hours, but now it's down to 30 and the possibility exists that it will go down more. Ugh.

However, I earned a day off tomorrow in the efforts to trim payroll. Saves me three gallons of gas and it will give me the chance to look for a job over here in Lakeland. I've got to do something, because the possibility exists that those hours are going to be hovering around 30 each week for a while.

Much as the White House likes to pretend, we are in a recession. People are NOT buying. The first places that feel it are the businesses that sell the stuff people want, rather than need. My employer definitely sells the 'want' products.

Cross your fingers for me, and for Ed...


Bob said…
Hi, here's a cyberhug and e-Funny bones for you. Have you thought about
a job at one of the many colleges in Lakeland, maybe in the bookstore?
The pay might not be the best, but they probably offer some benefits.

Just a thought.

Grandy said…
Hugs with fingers and toes crossed are being sent as we speak. ;)

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