One Kid Lighter

As of a few hours ago, we are the parents of one child. Until Sunday, that is. :)

Gameboy is off on his first camping trip as a Boy Scout. If all goes well, he will have completed his Tenderfoot and worked on items to achieve his Scout First Class and Scout Second Class.

Over the years, we've heard of respite care. "You should apply for it?" The question is where? I haven't a clue where to begin. The Boy Scouts to the rescue! He'll have tons of fun and get worn out, make some tremendous strides (as he seems to do after camping).

Until Sunday, we won't have battles over bedtime, brushing teeth, taking clothes off, putting clean clothes on, what we're having for dinner, that he hasn't had enough game time, etcetera, etcetera.

I think we all can use the down time every once in a while. He's probably so excited that he won't have Mom or Dad telling him to do all the things he HATES doing, lol!

In two years, we get to send TWO Boy Scouts off on those camping trips. What a concept.


Grandy said…
Oh yeah, in the boy scouts they don't make you bathe at camp. I think brushing teeth is even optional. ;)

My guy is a tenderfoot too.

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