Me Me Me Meeeeeeee

Thanks to Mandy, I'm borrowing this one today. Thanks!

ONE WORD ANSWERS, ONLY, if you're planning on stealing this one, too:
You're Feeling: peckish
To Your Left: table
On Your Mind: snack
You Sometimes Find it Hard To: rest
The Weather: windy
Something You Have a Collection of: Toppers (Antenna, but that's two words)
A Smell that Cheers You Up: coffee
A Smell that Can Ruin Your Mood: smoke
How Long Since You Last Shaved: hours (but it'll be weeks before I have to again)
The Current State of Your Hair: bushy
The Largest Item On Your Desk/
Workspace Right Now (besides computer): lamp
Your Skill with Chopsticks: clumsy
Which Section You Head to First In the Bookstore: educational
and After That?: romance
Something You're Craving: chocolate
Your General Thoughts On the Presidential Race: bored
How Many Times You've Been Hospitalized this Year: 0
A Favorite Place to Go for Quiet Time: library
You've Always Secretly Thought You'd Be a Good: teacher
Something that Freaks You Out a Little: anaphalaxis
Something You've Eaten Too Much of Lately: fast food
You Have Never: skied
You Never Want To: stagnate


Jennifer H said…
One word answers--that would be tough for me. This is a great list.

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