Just As I Predicted

I told of Job A, Job B and Job C. I had interviews yesterday (for ease of those who know the particulars, Job D and Job H, formerly Job A and Job B).

The first interview was really panel interviews with Job D. Technically, I've had one before, but not a true panel. This time, I met with two different panels with three people on each. I felt it went very well. For the first time ever, I got the same reverential tone used for "What was it like working for Disney?", but for "What was it like working for [meal prep place]?" Too funny. I also showed them Clumsy Suzanne by spilling the water they gave me all over my right hand before going into the second panel. I skipped shaking hands and told them why-it was a good icebreaker, but kids, don't try this at home-leave it to the professionals!

After completing the two panels, the facilitator informed me I'd hear back in two weeks to find out if I was a 'bench', which means when we have a position, you'll have the job. It could be two weeks, two months, a year-but when there is one, you get it. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

There was a gap between the interviews, and I wanted to avoid the rumbly tumbly that appeared just before I arrived to interview, so I went to lunch. I remembered that my boss had given me a Bennigan's $10 gift card. We're not enamored of Bennigan's here (menu is too limited for our liking), but I figured an almost free lunch would be a good thing. I sat and killed time before making a 20 minute drive to Target right by the interview site.

I was given an address for this location, not the name of the building for Job H. I ended up in an industrial park at Job H's distribution warehouse for Florida. Cool, I had no idea that they'd built the warehouse over here with no stores in the immediate vicinity (yet).

The interviewer was very pleasant, explaining that I would have reported to her, but she's been promoted. From the sounds of it, because they are in a growth pattern, there's been quite a few of those lately! We went over the usual interview type stuff. The more I heard, the more it sounded like the job was tailor made for me. Training, new hire orientations, creating product info sheets for staff, etc.

She asked if I had any questions, and I pulled out my list o'questions. (25 of them, to be exact) How is training done? What's a typical week? (days sound very different) What would I do during a store visit? How long am I on location for a new store opening? Once I got through the list and interview, she complimented me on the list, because most people don't even ask questions.

This company hires everyone in as Sales Associates to prove their abilities. I'd go through two weeks of training, like everyone else. My interviewer offered me the job, but asked that I start on the 28th to be in HER training class. She wants everyone in Florida trained the same way. As a result, she wants me to be in her class, not the one run by someone else.

I accepted the position and the 11 day notice thing. I don't want to wait a month for her next class.

I am excited, I am nervous, I'm going to sweat the two weeks that I'm making about 100 bucks less than I've been taking home lately. However, the numbers we talked about the Sales Associate role is much more than what I've been making.

What's cool is that I finally get to wear all those nice (colorful) tailored blouses I bought two years ago in preparation for switching jobs. What's not is that pretty soon, I'll have to go find several nice suits to wear.

What I wore to the interview was perfect, but the department store I got it from was gobbled up by Macy's and this private house label is gone. Any ideas where I can find some Kate Hepburn type crepe pants and jackets? That fit a petite? I'm going to need them!


Joyce-Anne said…
May I be among the first people offering a hearty CONGRATULATIONS! I'm thrilled for you. May this be the first of much better luck heading your way--especially considering the last few months. Whoo-hoo!
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Congratulations! Great job!
Bonnie said…
YAY! *\o/* (that's my bouncy cheerleader jump)
daysgoby said…

Congratulations, you wonderful thing!
Mike Golch said…
Congrats on the new job.Hope that you enjoy this one a lot better than you did the on you're leaving.

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