Blogging from the laptop

Woohoo, the new router is up and running and I am sitting comfortably at the couch. Yay! According to Ed, the replacement router was a breeze to set up.

My Stupid Leg prefers this method of web surfing. Ed prefers this method, too, because it means he has his computer back.

For me, it means I get to chat with my buddies on AOL/Yahoo again. I feel so out of the loop.

Oh, and the new router means we can catch up on all those polls on the Wii...


Mike Golch said…
a router,I'm jelous.if I had one then tha down stairs computer coud be used for somethin then the upstais one could be in use also.
Grandy said…
I am not even sure I know what a router is. Thank goodness for geek squad. ;)

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