Visiting With A Friend, Take Two

I had a blast on Sunday with Paula and Jeffrey, and wish they lived closer (or I had unlimited frequent flier miles, take your pick!). To continue on with that camraderie, I visited with another of my YaYa sisters last night.

I've known Elaine for wow, over five years now. Time flies. She was one of the founding members of the YaYa thread on that board. One of the other members of the group, Beth, was a regular patron of my store and invited me to join it. Join I did. When our vacations overlapped about six months later, Ed and I made plans to meet up with Elaine and Beth at WDW.

Since then, I've been fortunate to either have an overlapping vacation or get a heads up that she was on her way down here. Hanging with Elaine is always fun-I love her very dry wit (in some ways, her humor so mirrors my dad's).

Last night, we walked the Boardwalk, had a lot of fun (calling the hotel we were in the Carp had her laughing), rolled our eyes at the events that have transpired and just had a nice relaxing meal with a friend.

In the next few months, I've got some more visits like these to look forward to, the benefit of living less than an hour from WDW. We may have all met because of the DIS, but we're friends and keep in touch without having that place to congregate.

I love the internet for forging these friendships!

I'd share pictures, but I took not a one.


Jennifer H said…
Sounds like a great time with a great friend!

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