The Adventures of Job Searching...

Howdy, my job search is doing what it always does. This is what happens:

1. Suzanne decides it's time to find a new job or sees an ad for something she REALLY wants to do.
2. Suzanne applies for the job. (job A)
3. Suzanne doesn't hear back about the job (but in this situation, has a contact at corporate)
4. After a month, Suzanne decides to go troll the waters for other fish.
5. Suzanne starts applying for other jobs (job B); sometimes interviews are conducted.
6. Interviews go well, very well.
7. When Suzanne doesn't want to get her hopes up about the job just interviewed, she hears back from the job she thought wouldn't happen.

This is what will happen next, based on my past:
1. Suzanne has interviewed for job B, sent her resume directly to the person responsible at job A and emailed back the person she contacted on a lark at a third company (where she said she's looking for a corporate trainer position) and the recruiter wants a resume ASAP. (job C)
2. Suzanne will be hurried into interview at job A, get a call for a second interview at job B and get a call to interview at job C.
3. Suzanne will receive two offers and have to decide.

Shall I send out some more inquiries and resumes to make this happen the way I'd like?

This seems to be the case whenever I've set my mind to finding a new job. Always.


daysgoby said…
I'm excited for you!
Grandy said…
Choices are good!! Send away!! This is very cool! I have some obvious catching up to do.
shannymar said…
You know? The same thing always happens to me! I always pick the one I had my heart set on from the begining.... Good luck!

; )

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