Mario Kart Wii

Once again, Gameboy has succeeded in having multiple versions of a game. For his birthday, we purchased him Mario Kart DS. He plays Mario Kart on the Gamecube all the time. Seriously. He still plays the Gamecube more than the Wii. I think that has to do with the jittery hands he has due to his meds. The Wiimote is not very forgiving of that condition.

We went and picked up the Wii version after dinner tonight. He'd been given birthday money from Mema and AJ (Jane), which was enough for a game. He waffled between that and a Pokemon game, but Mario Kart won out.

Strangely, the child who reads instruction manuals for pleasure didn't bother this time-he dove right into the game because he only had 90 minutes until bedtime. This left Mom to figure out something for him: how he could play as his Mii. I am really showing the decline of age, I cannot read those things without glasses.

I didn't find the answer to that question. Apparently, others have-or they've played it 36 hours non stop and have unlocked all the other characters! People clearly can enter races as their Miis. The game allows you to race (via the Wii's internet accessibility) competitors from among your friends, across the region, nation or world. Most of those who raced against him were racing their Mii's.

I suppose we'll figure it out.

Meanwhile, the salesperson at Game Stop was good (the one we frequent has great staff). He saw me looking at the Wii fit box and started in on me but good. "You should reserve it-the demand is really high." Really? "Yeah, they're saying it will be very hard to get for months, like the systems themselves." Further talking back and forth convinced me to put a few bucks down for it. It looks like I may be able to use the balance pad for two (possibly three) no impact exercise games.

Is it sad that the kid is happy that he can play his new game with the Classic remote, or a sign that he's Old School?


Gypsydoodlebug said…
I pre-ordered it from Amazon. I was a little late ... may take me a while to get it but we got the Carnival game last weekend and I am SO FREAKING SORE. (It's awesome, though. Must try.)
Jill said…
Mario Kart Wii Rocks.

That is all :)
projectmommy said…
I have a Wii, but I'm still behind the times and only have a few games. Is Mario Kart a fun game for us non-kids? Maybe I'll have to look into getting it...

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