I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

In the time without a router at home, I was shirking my reading. I had lovely, lovely blogs bookmarked on my laptop, but couldn't access them on Ed's machine. In the past few days, I've been making the rounds and catching up on a month of reading per blog.

Imagine my surprise when I go over to Underpaid Princess's and find this waiting for me:

How cool is that? I enjoy reading her blog, because I understand the venting she does. She's also got a great sense of humor. Heck, I started my blog to vent my frustrations and keep in touch with a handful of you. Who knew that a couple of years later, I'd get a nice award from a bloggy friend and have a lot more of you along for the ride?


Oh, I'm supposed to tag some of you. Trust me, this isn't easy-there's a wealth of distinctive blogs out there, but I'll say:

Wandering Saffa Chick
(who should be home from her honeymoon and telling us about married life by now!)
Functional Schmunctional (Grandy is so good at making me laugh)
Imaginary Binky (Sarah is the sister that Giggles and I should have had, lol. She's so funny and smart and has the world's cutest baby boy)
Mandyland (I go through serious Mandy withdrawal when she travels-I need sarcasm! Oh and her pop culture stuff so I look like I know about the cool shows.)
Daysgoby (Jessica, I love seeing those great pictures!)
The Mommy Project (yet another fantastic photographer! Just look at those happy girls in the masthead!)

Off I go to share the news, then back to Underpaid Princess's blog to catch up some more!


shannymar said…
Why thank you! I've been lagging in my reading as well. I'll be sure to put this up and pass it along ASAP! ; P
daysgoby said…
Aw, I'm honored! Thank you so much!
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Thank you! My sarcasm meter has been low lately, probably in proximity to my self-induced abstinence from martinis. And wine. And chocolate I? Am not a happy dieter. But thanks a bunch for the shout out!
imaginary binky said…
Well, goodness! Ding dang! You know, I have two half-sisters. I might as well add you and your sister to the mix. Heheh.

Thank ya VERY MUCH for your kind award!
Suzanne said…
Shanny, I love seeing those adorable girls and reading, because you're so real.

Jess, you're quite welcome. Someday, I'm going to get up there and see your beautiful country again.

Mandy, I tried some Zone bars yesterday at the evil Wal Mart. Might be a good chocolate fix for ya.

Sarah, now if you start going all Britney on me, I might have to change my mind! ;)
Grandy said…
Hey thanks lady!! This was a very thoughtful, and unexpected surprise. I appreciate your kindness. ;)
Mike Golch said…
Congrats on the award,it seems to be making the rounds right now.
Saffa Chick said…
Oh wow! What a lovely present to find waiting for me on my return home! I've been in serious blog withdrawal for nearly a month with the wedding and honeymoon, and I look forward to catching up on everyone's news ;-)...

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