I think it's pretty clear that I love Disney. There's Mickey shaped DNA in my body (along with all that weird stuff). A fellow coworker, when I started working for the Disney Stores, suggested that I join the DISboards. As I'd been pretty active in some other Disney fan sites, I didn't follow her lead for a couple of years.

In 2002, I finally jumped in. I started hanging out on the Cast Member board, because DUH, I was a Cast Member. I found the DISabilities board, which made sense for my medical woes and Gameboy's newly diagnosed issues. The Budget Board was great for information on saving money for those twice a year treks to the House of Mouse.

One day at work, sometime in 2003, a fellow CM and I were working in the store one night when she came to me and excitedly said "Those two ladies are DISers!". Beth and Von were regulars of a 'clique thread' and had chosen our store to meet face to face while Von was visiting Northern Virginia. They'd asked the other CM to take their picture, and we all started talking about the DIS.

We were invited to come meet up with them on that thread (which wasn't cliquish at all). The other CM popped in and said hi-I stuck around. In the five or so years, those women (and a few guys) became my family in the computer. I've met several, had an online baby shower for one, been consoled by them when Mom and Nancy passed and just had a big happy family to talk to about everything and nothing.

Along the way, the information I gained, the friendships I made and the pixie dust shared was immeasurable. Ed can attest that there have been very few days where I didn't spend some of my time on 'the DIS'.

At some point, I got a link to a site that was dubbed "the UnDIS", a site where you could speak a little more freely. When I first got there, instead of talking about 'pixie dust', it was 'pixie poop' and 'freakin fizzies'. To a NYer like me, it was as real as it could get.

I appreciated the candor and honesty on the UnDIS, but wasn't as big a poster as on the DIS. The DIS would coddle some weird/stupid/crazy people, but the UnDIS would not suffer the fools. It was the place to go to get the poop on what dumb thing was going on at the DIS.

Well, in a stunning display of brilliance a couple of days ago, the powers that be at the DISboards decided that they'd ban hyperlinks that came from Yuku pages (the UnDIS's host). Then, today, someone registered as a new member at the DIS to question WHY they did it. I cut and pasted it at the UnDIS, because one thing was certain-it'd be deleted (or 'poofed') at the DIS. Posts that did not agree with the owner's views tended to disappear, and those who did the posting got banned, too.

I went to work, I came home and went to the UnDIS, as is my habit. There were over 1000 users on there! The normal compliment is about 15-20, with it spiking to 100 whenever something interesting was going on. Apparently, the Webmaster inadvertently goofed and redirected people over to the UnDIS. We found it funny, and the owner of the UnDIS found the membership drive great. She thanked them for it in a sticky post.

Then the word started coming in...people who posted on the UnDIS were getting banned. At first, it looked like it was if they'd gone to the DIS from the UnDIS. Then, those who hadn't were getting banned, too. Next thing I know, I went to the DIS and found that I'd been banned.

I'm a call it as I see it person, but its rare that I'm mean-and honestly, I've never bashed the powers that be at the DIS. I was banned merely because I participate in frank and honest discussion on the UnDIS.

The hard part for me will be that I won't be hanging out with my sisters and 'bothers' anymore. I think that several members of the group are probably banned, too. All because we believe that sometimes, you've got to have a laugh and let off steam.

Guess I've got more time for blogging, since I won't be back at the DISboards. (and I'll be going over to InterCOT, Laughing Place, Mouseplanet, and about a half dozen other sites that provide the same camraderie for Disney fans.)


Gypsydoodlebug said…
Really, really awful. That sucks.
Mike Golch said…
I guess I'm haveing a bad day I don't understand this posting,or maybe I'm just dumb.
Suzanne said…
Mandy, yes it sucks. Oh well, guess I've got more free time now to surf other sites.

Mike, simple version: I got banned from a website for being a member of another website.
Suzanne said…
Oh, those visiting from the DIS-feel free to comment. I don't bite.

It is true-I was banned for being a member of the UnDIS. As was DisneyPhD, Janet2K, PoohandWendy, Kribit, HelenaBear and I don't know how many others.

If you would prefer to comment privately, go to my profile and email me there. I'll be happy to share a link or find out if someone who is MIA is a bannee for you.
Anonymous said…
Suzanne, it's amazing how much power the COS has, isn't it? Freedom of speech is always a key threat to a dictatorship, as was proven yesterday. Long live freedom of speech!
songbird said…
truly sad state of affairs, isn't it? the paranoia at that site...
Tinkerbell said…
how about a link to this website?
Anonymous said…
I'm with Tinkerbell...what's the site?
Suzanne said…
Sorry for the delay. The link is in the bar to the right as the UnDIS. It'll take you right to the board's Circle of Sarcasm.
Anonymous said…
Hello, I was just attacked over on the Dis. for litterally nothing, then received a silly warning and was told I was lucky I was'nt banned! It was my first offense, and all I did was write the word @$$ using symbols. No, I never read all of the guidelines and yes that was my fault, but I was'nt attacking anyone or calling anyone a name and the Mod that sent me the warning was very nasty to me! I just joined that board back in March of this year and quite honestly the way people treat one another over there and get away with it is very sad and shocking. The mods clearly have their faves. If I join the Undis, will I be banned from Disboards? I've read this and I'm shocked that they're running their own little mini North Korea over there! Thanks for the help and your blog! :0) April
Suzanne said…

Thanks for commenting.

I cannot say for sure if you will get banned. At one time, it was what we called an insta-ban, but now the lines have blurred. There are people who openly post on both sites.

That said, if you're like me, and write blog posts about it, any person trying to register from this IP address will also receive an insta-ban. I tried once and that screen came up so fast it was funny!
Anonymous said…
Hey! Thanks so much for your help. :0) I'm sorry, can you explain the part about trying to register from this particular web-site and the whole insta-ban, screen coming up thing. This all sounds insane! Good Lord, do they think they have a monopoly on the internet??!! LOL! :0) Thanks again! April
Suzanne said…
Most Internet Service Providers (ISP's) assign you an unique IP address (if you use AOL, this isn't the case). I signed up for a new account while out, but went to answer a post on RSD at home and the message came up as soon as I logged in.

Guess they don't like my posts, lol!
Anonymous said…
O.K. I understand. The mod that posted that letter about leaving, he's no longer on there right? Did everyone go over to the "original troublemakers"? I've googled Disboards and found out alot of interesting things about how it's run over there. The mod that goes by the name "DOC" he's pretty nasty; it's like talking to a computer, not a real person. He's a total jerk. I really have to wonder what in the WORLD these people are like in real life!! Not to mention I find it very hard to believe that a dentist (so he says) would have time to make 19,000 posts! BLAHHAHA! :0) There's another person over there that has alot of posts and she's really mean to people..... makes one wonder.... apparently she's so mean to people around her that she has no friends except on the computer... hence the large post count! LOL! Wow, just really sad that a place that has such great information that's about the "happiest place on earth" is run by such mean spirited people! :( I read an interview with Pete... he seemed very full of himself. Sorry, I hope I did'nt offend anyone, but as a relativly newbie over there, it's pretty shocking and disgusting. I'm really glad I found your blog. I really want to join the "other Board" but unfortantly I need a place to rent out my DVC points :0) and I KNOW that if I join I'll get the almighty AX from the DIS! Ughhh, I hate that place. :( I just joined Mouseowners though and those people are soooo nice and gave me a great welcome, totally UNLIKE the dis. Thanks again for the great blog! Are you on the other board? It was funny, I was looking through the Circle of Sarcasm and saw where someone had copied & pasted one of quotes from a thread and made a comment on it; something about it being a big "No No over on the Dis".... I sooooo wanted to say... "Yes, and I got a nasty note about it too from those jerks over there!" LOL! :0) Thanks, April

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