More Pictures From Saturday

While we were waiting to visit Aquatica, we killed some time window shopping at Downtown Disney. I had fun taking pictures at the World of Disney and Lego stores. Heck, I had fun taking pictures before we got there. So, for a Monday giggle, take a look at these:

Goofing off while Ed pumps gas:

Trying on hats. He tried on LOTS of hats:

Wearing his Alter Ego:

Having fun with the close up:

Pretty pink Legos. Guess they wanted to have ALL kids coveting more bricks that hurt parent's feet:

Guess these won't be retreads someday:

Chef would take handfuls of these and say "I'm rich!":

Ooooh, wouldn't these look great on a Toa:

Bright orange, just the thing for Indy to be trying to find:

Hope you enjoyed!


Jennifer H said…
Since I know what a Toa is, I can say that my son wouldn't pick the pink flowers for his!

Those are great photos. Your boy is so cute.
Suzanne said…
Thanks, I agree-there will be no pink in the tub 'o Lego in this house. However, daysgoby's Jessa posted a picture of one of the new bionicles wearing a tutu recently. Hilarious!

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