The Down Side of Being Up Front

Due to the reason for the job search, I told my boss I was interviewing for jobs. She wasn't happy, but understood that I had to do this.

Last night at work, we had two managers and no other employees. The normal complement would be two or three employees, a stock person and a manager-this is how soft our business has been lately. So, two people-instead of four.

Today, I was put through the third degree why a couple of things weren't done. Things that you could not do AND help the customers (like spend an hour in the stock room putting stuff away). We also provide a wedding gift registry and April is a HUGE month for this segment of our business. We provide complimentary gift wrap for those purchases and guess who had to wrap them all. (Seriously, it feels like Christmas at work with all the gifts I'm wrapping)

Of course, it didn't matter that we still got a lot of things done on the sales floor. the other things weren't. Instead of asking questions, my boss threw out the comment "I'm wondering if you're slacking off because you know you're leaving."

She didn't understand why I was furious and got upset. I was busting my butt last night (and again this morning), but that wasn't recognized (except by a different manager later on in the day).

Ugh. I tried to be nice and give them the heads up, because that's what I'd want if I was the boss. Instead, it's going to be thrown in my face until I do leave.

I'm thankful for those two interviews tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I'll only hear that crap for a couple of weeks. Then, they'll be reminded all too quick what they've forgotten. While I was on disability, they all noticed how much I actually get done because I wasn't there to do it. However, this time, I won't be coming back.

Cross your fingers. Interviews at 11:30 and 3:00. :)


Grandy said…
Consider everything crosssed so you can exit hell! Hang in there lady!!
Mike Golch said…
you try to be nice about leaveing.I once had a job that required you to give a two week notice,inorder to find your replacement.trouble was they found someone the next day than I was told your services were no longer required.
Bonnie said…
Crossing everything I can. Good luck!
Suzanne said…
More details coming later about how they react to giving notice. :)

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