You Can't Take That Away From Me

Thank you, Gershwin Brothers.

One thing that my six years of participating has brought me is friendships. Great friendships, with people who would do anything for you.

This week, I get to see two (three) of the people that I met through my connections to that place. In a few minutes, I head to the Port of Tampa to pick up Paula and her hubby from their cruise. As their flight doesn't leave Tampa until 7pm, we'll do something together. We're finally meeting face to face after numerous phone conversations and even more IMs, thanks to meeting on the YaYa thread.

Then, later this week, I get to met another-one I've met a few times before. Part of my excitement about moving to Florida is that I'd get to meet my friends from time to time. Some may find it strange that I found my friends on a message board, but I think it's cool to find like minded individuals.

So for that reason, I'm getting ready to leave for my day with friends and have that song going through my head.

Some pictures from around the Tampa Bay area, while enjoying the company of Paula and Jeffrey!
Sand Key

Flowers at Sand Key

Bird among the Mangroves at the Florida Aquarium

Invertebrates you could touch. (They felt like stucco)

Cool perspective of one of the huge tanks of fish.


projectmommy said…
How exciting, I'm glad you get to finally meet them face to face!
Joyce-Anne said…
Glad to hear you met up with your friends. Hope you had a fun day!

After Tim and I started dating, the song "You Can't Take That Away From Me" constantly went through my head. So much so that it was a tape that just kept rewinding itself and played over (and over and over) again. Eventually Tim bought a CD with the song on it and it finally stopped (playing in my head). To this day I'm not sure what it all meant...maybe nothing and then again, maybe it was a reassurance that everything was going to be alright (dealing with the end of one broken engagement and the beginning of a new relationship). Or maybe it was just a song that a former choir geek had stuck in her head. :-)
Mike Golch said…
Good for you,getting to meet someone who toy talk to regularly and have yet to see is great.Blessing your way.
Suzanne said…
ProjectMommy, it was rather cool to finally meet. Weird that we'd talked hundreds of times before actually getting to hang out together, but so comfortable.

Joyce, not a bad song to have stuck in your head. Ever since seeing Mr Holland's Opus, that's the version I hear.

Mike, thanks for the blessings. I'm so lucky to have friends in the computer!

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